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May 2021 elections for all positions are open, as each year. Nominations, including from current executive board members are due to be available for posting by April 23, 2021. You may submit your intention to run (with the position intended) to [email protected] Elections are scheduled for  May 19, 2021.

The HSC Board meets “mostly” every third Wednesday of each month at (Location and format determined monthly during the COVID-19 pandemic) at 7:00 PM. The HSC Executive Board is elected yearly, in May. The HSC Board Members are all VOLUNTEERS serving our soccer community. None of the Executive Board Members are paid for duties performed for any position.

All members of Harrah Soccer Club, parents and/or coaches, are welcome & encouraged to attend the meetings!! Decisions made by the HSC Board are made with the best interest of the kids & club as a whole.

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  • Area Coordinator U11 and Above
  • Area Coordinator U10 and Below
  • Concession Coordinator
    • *Position Vacant*