Harrah Soccer Club is based & operates by all volunteers. From our Executive Board to Recreational coaches…All are volunteers!!! We have multiple tasks that need to be completed & we need your help!!! Field Maintenance is a huge task. We are self sufficient & mowing the fields & other upkeep is accomplished by our group of parents that volunteer their time & equipment to perform this work. There are other duties as well that need your help. If you can help in any way… whether with time/labor, equipment, or even donations…. Please contact any one of our Board Members & get involved!! Thank you VERY much to all of those that have & do volunteer for our club!!  

Any field work questions or concerns…. Our Field Maintenance Coordinator/VP is Roy Evans. Contact information is listed on the Board Members tab on this website.

Coaching Update:

There are several OSA taught coaching courses coming up. If you are interested in learning more, click on Coaches > Resources or contact our Director Of Coaching Roy Evans.

Fall 2020

Friday August 7 – 6:30 PM Coaches meeting and team folders distribution at Harrah Nazarene Church gym

Sunday August 9 – 2:00 PM Meet-Your-Coach Day at HSC Complex

Monday August 10 – Practices can begin

Fall 2020 caution

Due to the COVID-19 precautions, coaches and teams must comply to instructions provided to coaches at the coaches’ meetings.