Upcoming Events

OMeet Your Coach Day is Saturday August 3 at 10AM at the HSC Soccer Complex.

Practices begin Monday August 5.

TEAM BANNERS are available to purchase for $45! These can consistent of a team picture or logo. Our first round of banners will be headed to print will be August 26th. Team Banners will be available for purchase throughout the season, but placement may be limited. Please submit your team banner order to [email protected] (artwork and/or logo can be provided after payment is received).  



Harrah Soccer Club is based & operates by all volunteers. From our Executive Board to Recreational coaches…All are volunteers!!! We have multiple tasks that need to be completed & we need your help!!! Field Maintenance is a huge task. We are self sufficient & mowing the fields & other upkeep is accomplished by our group of parents that volunteer their time & equipment to perform this work. There are other duties as well that need your help. If you can help in any way… whether with time/labor, equipment, or even donations…. Please contact any one of our Board Members & get involved!! Thank you VERY much to all of those that have & do volunteer for our club!!  

Any field work questions or concerns…. Our Field Maintenance Coordinator/VP is Mike Fancher

Coaching Update:

There are several OSA taught coaching courses coming up. If you are interested in learning more, click on Coaches > Resources or contact our Director Of Coaching Jonathan Varney.